Monday, January 19, 2009

Horse Back Riding

I love this picture just for Ashley's face. I think she must have been sneezing, but when I looked at it I just cracked up and couldn't figure out what she was doing.

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We went horseback riding while we were in Arizona, it was really fun, but really cold! Our horses were trained to follow the horse in front of them, so basically we walked the whole time. Here are some of the fun pictures I took.

Thanksgiving in AZ

Well for those of you who read my blog from Salem, we went to Tucson for Thanksgiving, and Elder (Don) Johnson was there, he had met James' aunt and uncle, and they found out he was from Salem, so he dropped by for Thanksgiving dinner. That was kind of a fun surprise. And James and I had a blast with all of his little cousins. I'm stealing this picture from James' mom, but I think it's really cute!

On our drive back to Utah we took a detour through the Grand Canyon with Mike and Ashley. And here is the series of pictures.