Sunday, January 8, 2012

Feeling a bit crafty

Well, one of the reasons I have taken a little hiatus is that I have become so interested in this website- pinterest- and I've found myself becoming more and more crafty. I've done a few things that I've found on it already. Like for instance- I finally found a way to organize Emma's hair bows.

Or making these hurricanes.
I also made a cupcake platter, and some curtains- but I haven't found where I packed the platter, and we haven't put up curtain rods yet- but their white and navy striped. I also made a bunch of Christmas glitter ball ornaments- which you'll probably see when I post our Christmas pictures. I also made these season blocks, they rotate to say spring, summer, and autumn too.
Oh and I added a bunch of pages to the quiet book I've been making Emma. . .

We also recently heard a story in our ward of a couple who the mother passed away leaving young children. Sad- I know, but it got me thinking about how I would still want to be a part of my children's lives so I started making a cd- which has taken quite a bit of time- mostly in figuring out how to record the songs- and then record songs from playing on the piano. It's mostly children's songs that I sing Emma, but then I decided to add pieces that I like to play on the piano. Oh and last but not least- I've been working on Emma's big Christmas present, that I'd been working on for a while and was putting on the finishing touches.

She has a couple of lights on the ceiling above the sink area, and a phone and chalkboard on the right side and an apron that hangs on the left side. It's not perfect, but I love it- I especially love the faux tile that I did for the counter top.

And I have many more projects on my to-do list- so I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep up the blog updates :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

November Catch Up

I had to go to Oregon in November, just before Thanksgiving- I had my crown break. Yikes! So we got to see my family a little bit, while my dad had his lab make another one.

For Thanksgiving my mom's extended family goes to Zion's National Park every other year, and so we got to see a lot of my cousins. It was so fun, this picture is of my cousin Landon and my sister Melissa holding Emma's hands while walking around the park. Emma loves my cousin Landon, who just left on his mission to Mexico.
While daddy went hiking up Angel's Landing, we took a shorter hike and found some squirrels that were extremely friendly. We were even a little worried about how close they were getting. But Emma loved them.We did more moving and one weekend when we stayed the night in Provo, we discovered Emma doing this- and we thought it was hilarious.

Catching Up

I know I haven't posted for such a long time. But, it has become such a hassle now to load the pictures and try to think up all of the exciting things that I should be sharing about our family and our life . . . but then it builds up and then I feel overwhelmed. So I think I'm just going to upload pictures and maybe write a caption to go with it. And I'll try to get an update on here later. But, here was our October ....

I just love Fall- Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons- I just wish Utah had them for longer than they do. . .

Emma was a kitty for Halloween. For those of you who don't know, Emma LOVES kitties!

She also loved helping carve our pumpkin.
Oh and this is fun news- for those of you who don't know, That BYU jersey that reads "Sweeney"- yeah that's James' little brother. He's redshirting this year, but we got to watch him play in pre-season games. That was fun! We look forward to 2 years from now when he'll be back from his mission and playing on the team!