Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Amazing Song

So this is my cousin Karli, she's 16 and been singing all her life. This is a song she wrote and her performing it, everyone should watch it. She's so good!

Monday, February 14, 2011

We have a little walker

I haven't been able to get any of them on video, but today Emma has taken several sets of steps! YAY! I'm so excited for her, so much opens up to her now! What a great Valentine's gift! YAY EMMA!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10 Months (Picture Overload)

I know I'm including too many pictures, but I wanted to demonstrate Emma's constant mobility- plus a few cute ones interspersed!

Okay okay, I know I've been really bad about blogging. So if anyone actually still follows this blog, I'm sorry. Emma's 9 month check up went really well. She's just over 28 inches tall, putting her in the 70th percentile, her weight is at 18 pounds 15 ounces- dropping her to the 40th percentile for weight and her head was in the 45th percentile. So basically I've been trying to feed her a lot. I love chubby babies- because they run in my family, but Emma was never very chubby, and now that she's down to the 40th percentile- I'm trying to over feed her! We want to get that weight back up! On a more fun note- she's totally mobile- she prefers her feet, but she crawls to anything she can pull herself up on, and then walks around. I think we need to get her one of those push toys, cause the other day we found her pushing a kitchen chair (see picture with purple shirt) around so she could walk where there wasn't any furniture for her to hold herself up on. We love our little Emma, she likes to wave, splash, and turn pages of books. Her favorite toys are the piano, her maracas, and basically anything she can use to make noise. She loves knocking down anything we build out of cups or blocks. She's fed up with the carseat- I'm pretty sure it's because she has to face backwards, because she always turns her body to the side so she can watch me drive. So we're probably going to move her up to a forward facing as soon as she turns 20 pounds (when it's legal). I'm trying to think . . . I don't know I just can't believe we have a 10 month old. And that a year ago she was in my tummy, and we didn't even know her. And how we're so in love with her now! Oh also- everyone must see fish face picture- we LOVE this!

I guess to update you on James and I. James is in his last semester of his masters program. He'll be done the beginning of May! YAY! Which means right now we're in the midst of the job search. We're trying to stay positive despite the limited jobs right now. But, sometimes it can be easy to get down. I'm staying home with Emma, which can be quite the task. Anything I do takes at least twice as long now, and she's not much of a nap taker, so there isn't much time for other things. We're pretty sure we're moving this summer, we're just not sure where- so Emma's room has become my packing room. I'm going through basically everything- and selling what we can do without. Speaking of which- my services are available if anyone wants me to sell something for them on ebay. I'll only charge a small percentage. Or if you're looking to buy something more expensive, but don't have the time to wait for a better deal- I think I have buying things cheaper on ebay down to an art form. But, that has been a big part of my life lately- listing and selling on ebay- I've made a fairly good amount of money and will probably continue to do so for another few months. other than that. We're just trying to keep up with Emma! I'll try and post pics