Friday, July 31, 2009

Tired of length . . .

Have you ever watched "What Not to Wear" and laughed at some of the subjects when Nick Arrojo comes and girls start crying or simply refuse to cut their hair. I find that one of the most amusing parts of the show. Why are people so afraid to cut their hair?

I think I may be crazy. But, I have always wanted to donate my hair, that's why I keep growing it out so long. But, then I hit the point where when individual hairs fall out, I can feel them on the back of my arms . . . . and I can't STAND IT! That's about the point where I can't keep growing it. And I go into a hairdresser impulsively to get it cut right then and there. This time it really was impulsive, I was going grocery shopping to Buy Low, but I passed Fantastic Sam's and I decided to turn around. I went and cut my hair on my way to go grocery shopping. I realize that there are a lot of people who get scared to cut their hair, I think I feel quite differently, I get anxious to cut my hair. And once the idea is in my mind I can't get it out until I actually get my hair cut, and it seems to solve the problem.

My only stipulation for my hair cuts is that I can still put it in a ponytail, I don't care if I have to use bobby pins or clips, just as long as I can have something to do with it on a bad hair day. This time I cut off six inches. I always think about just trimming it, but that doesn't really seem to solve the problem. So I always end up with something like this . . .

Maybe one day, I'll be able to cut my hair. . . I'm starting to think that's just wishful thinking.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Guess where the Grandkids Retreat was held this year?

This is in the courtyard of the house. There is a little well and it's kind of fun.

James and I got to stay in the guest house for a couple of days prior to GKR starting. It was quite the charming place, it wasn't connected to the rest of the house, but we LOVED it!
Ha ha, this was the little water pump. And here is cute James in front of the guest house. Doesn't it look like Italy, though? It was a fun escape from the busy life of Southern California. That may be why my grandparents bought it, it's far enough out of the way, that you don't realize you are actually in a busy city.

No we didn't go to Italy, although most of the house was imported from Italy and Spain. But, this is the house my grandparents bought in Shady Canyon in Irvine, CA. We stayed there for Grandkids retreat. And the last picture is from Disneyland, this was the group that James and I took around Disneyland and California Adventures.

Katie's Wedding

Well my aunt Katie is married! It was a really nice ceremony. It was nice to listen to a sealing from my Grandad other than my own. He said similar things, which made it that much easier to remember our sealing. They were sealed in the Newport Beach temple on July 3rd. And here are some pictures. The reception, was at the Ritz Carlton, which is where these pictures were taken. I didn't get any good ones outside of the temple. But, maybe I'll have to post some of my mom's. . Here are the Bateman girls with my cousin Karli. Melissa, Karli, and I along with a couple of other cousins were bridesmaids. It was a beautiful wedding and reception. I'll have to post pictures later when I get to see the professional ones that were taken. Because we took pictures out on the beach too!