Sunday, July 12, 2009

Katie's Wedding

Well my aunt Katie is married! It was a really nice ceremony. It was nice to listen to a sealing from my Grandad other than my own. He said similar things, which made it that much easier to remember our sealing. They were sealed in the Newport Beach temple on July 3rd. And here are some pictures. The reception, was at the Ritz Carlton, which is where these pictures were taken. I didn't get any good ones outside of the temple. But, maybe I'll have to post some of my mom's. . Here are the Bateman girls with my cousin Karli. Melissa, Karli, and I along with a couple of other cousins were bridesmaids. It was a beautiful wedding and reception. I'll have to post pictures later when I get to see the professional ones that were taken. Because we took pictures out on the beach too!

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Katie said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures, Erin! I do hope you're able to get that first dance video uploaded somewhere :)