Sunday, October 30, 2011

Curt's Mission Farewell

Okay- so clearly this isn't a picture of Curt's farewell, but I'm trying to catch up on a number of things that I should blog about. This picture was taken at my cousin Claire's bridal shower, we kind of grew up in our group of four cousins. From left to right it's Claire, Shea, me, our second cousin Emily Groberg, and my cousin Rachel. All four of us cousins are married now! So fun!
At Curt's endowment. I'm glad I'm the oldest, I think it was so neat to go to Chris' and now Curt's. Curt is going to the Czech Prague mission- I don't know if I've mentioned that, he's in the MTC right now. Which was also interesting because my parents had me pick him up at the airport and drop him off at the MTC- it is really so different now, but so good! It significantly diminished the number of bawling mothers and changed the tone of saying goodbye from a sad to more of a joyful occasion. It was clearly inspired that they changed the drop off. James wasn't able to come since he got a job. I don't know if I've mentioned that, so our vacation pictures will now be pretty limited since we are now reduced to a certain number of days, but that's fine with us- we're just so grateful to have a job and be making money now!
Oh yeah, while I was in Oregon for his farewell, we went boating at our favorite Detroit Lake. This was a favorite pastime of mine when I grew up, we took the boat up almost every weekend. Well we usually kept our boat up there, so it wasn't as much of a hassle to unload and then load back up. But it was so fun to be there with my family all together for one last time for 2 years. It was so fun- the boys went waterskiing, and we pulled out the banana boat and went for a ride. Emma loved it! She would wave at the other boats we passed on the water, it was so cute!

It was a big success! We loved it!