Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just my luck!

I think it’s so funny that I have bad luck. Well I really don’t think it’s funny, but it’s quite ironic. I know I told many of you that I am always on flights where someone throws up and that it always smells really bad and I feel bad for the flight attendants who clean it up. Well as I was on my flight back to Salem, Oregon, guess what happened!? There was a girl who threw up, but that’s not the best part, I was sitting right next to her. This was the beginning of the flight, so it wasn’t motion sickness and I was condemned to sit right next this sick girl who was throwing up on my flight. Thus we see . . . . I have bad luck and I will NEVER become a flight attendant!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Story

So I don't really have anything interesting lately to post. So I thought I would share the long story of James and I. Trust me it's long, so I'm warning you now, if you're not in for a long story move on to the next blog. Well here goes . . .

It was the beginning of my sophmore year at BYU, I moved into the Colony with four of my roommates, leaving a surprise roommate for all of us to meet there. Well she ended up being my "room" roommate. And her name was Lauren. Well anyway, it was the day of the Fall Fest at BYU, and I was going on a date, but I was picking him up because he wanted to drive in my car. Anyway, Lauren lived in the colony the year before, and she had some friends who were going to pick her up and take her to the Fall Fest. Little did we know that these were guy friends. Anyway, just as I'm about to leave to go pick up my date the doorbell rings. I answered it and it was James. He was there to pick up Lauren, so in the midst of me running out the door was a big communication problem. James introduced himself to me and I thought he had said he wasn't in our ward, so I said, "Oh you don't need to know me I'm not in your ward anyways." Well I invited my roommate Elisabeth to come with me and James turned to her and said, "You don't want to go with her anyways she's married." I'm not exactly sure how that changed to me being married . . . . ask James!

Anyway well the next time I saw James, my roommate Lauren introduced me to him at ward prayer, it was so weird, he looked nothing like I remembered him. I almost didn't believe my roommate that this was the same person. So we talked for a little bit, but nothing that interesting.

Then, this was funny. James and his roommate Matt came over to our apartment one day just for fun, and it happened to be a bad day for me. I went to my Biology class and I was having really bad cramps, so bad that the pain made me pass out, well the T.A. called 911 and so the paramedics came and picked me up in an ambulance in the middle of campus. Well needless to say, Matt came into our apartment and told the story of how he saw an ambulance on campus. Well I got all red in the face because right as he was telling it I walked in the door with my grandpa who is a doctor and came when he heard I was in the hospital. And he gave me some prescriptions and the whole story came out. Well it was even funnier to them, because the very next day the ambulance was on the front page of BYU's newspaper.

Anyway, James and I went on dates, it wasn't ever exclusive, because I didn't want that kind of relationship and I was dating other guys too. But, James didn't really seem interested in other girls. We went on the Heber Creeper and to a mexican restaurant on our first date and watched Jurassic Park. Other than that, we hung out a lot, and I considered him my best friend, but was too scared of getting married. Well James was very patient with me. He hung out with me almost every day knowing full well that I didn't want to date him. Yet, he knew that sometime I would come around. Well that Christmas break my family traveled to Israel and Jordan for two weeks. It was the most amazing trip. While I was there I was getting calls from James. And I guess that was it. Not too long after I got back we started dating.

Then on January 31st, 2007 James Sweeney kissed me! It was his first kiss, and so it definitely wasn't very eventful. Not that kisses have to be! But, it was just a peck. And then he left. I think it took everything that he had in him to kiss me that he just wanted to leave right after that. It was so sweet. It was the best kiss I'd ever had! Not long after that James started talking about marriage. That was scary for me. The first time he mentioned that I started crying. I was too young, I wanted to graduate and go on a mission. But, he talked me into it. And so on April 24, 2007 James set up a scavenger hunt and took me through some important places in our relationship, where our first kiss was, where we first told each other "I love you", and our study place, and finally led me to the courtyard of the JSB where he proposed.

I think the most solidifying confirmation was that during that summer when I was in Vienna and he was back in the U.S. I was homesick for James. I had spent several months in Germany two years before, and called home probably once, but I spent probably 500 dollars on phone cards. And I think James spent even more than I did. I was so glad to get home, I missed James so much!

It was a wonderful wedding. James and I were so happy. And here we are so many months later still happy! I think even more happy now than we were then. I'm so grateful to have James as a husband, he's so patient with me, waiting for me to want to date him, waiting for me to be ready for marriage, and waiting for me to go on a study abroad. I'm so grateful for him!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Last Sunday in Saint Louis

Well for me atleast, James will be here another week, but I'm leaving early next Sunday, so we went and took some pictures in front of the Saint Louis temple. I really enjoyed it here, I think it is one of the most beautiful cities-- I love the green! It reminds me of home!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

James' second trip to Nauvoo

Wow, it was amazing! We loved it, there isn't a lot to do on Sunday, but it is such a neat city. We went to a temple session on Monday morning and it was the neatest experience I've had in the temple. We got to meet the temple president and they showed us around and they have Joseph Smith's saber from the mormon battalion. Here are some of the pictures outside of the temple. We love it here, it is truly a remarkable city!