Tuesday, August 12, 2008

James' second trip to Nauvoo

Wow, it was amazing! We loved it, there isn't a lot to do on Sunday, but it is such a neat city. We went to a temple session on Monday morning and it was the neatest experience I've had in the temple. We got to meet the temple president and they showed us around and they have Joseph Smith's saber from the mormon battalion. Here are some of the pictures outside of the temple. We love it here, it is truly a remarkable city!


Alisyn said...

James and Erin,
I had such fun looking and reading your blog. I agree on the traveling to historical places Erin. It means so much more if you know a little history about the place. Your pictures are so cute. Erin your family is so cute.
Oh, Happy Belated Birthday James. It is on my calendar, but I think we were in Ventura, Ca then and forgetting everything, except to relax and enjoy the beach. No history there, just making it.
Love you both.
Ali and Steve

Katelyn Marie said...

my great aunt and uncle are serving a mission in the Nauvoo Temple right now! Brother and Sister Ross!