Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just my luck!

I think it’s so funny that I have bad luck. Well I really don’t think it’s funny, but it’s quite ironic. I know I told many of you that I am always on flights where someone throws up and that it always smells really bad and I feel bad for the flight attendants who clean it up. Well as I was on my flight back to Salem, Oregon, guess what happened!? There was a girl who threw up, but that’s not the best part, I was sitting right next to her. This was the beginning of the flight, so it wasn’t motion sickness and I was condemned to sit right next this sick girl who was throwing up on my flight. Thus we see . . . . I have bad luck and I will NEVER become a flight attendant!

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Mike and Alyssa Althoff said...

That sounds horrible...I would have to agree that you definitely have bad luck and should not become a flight attendant! I miss doing things with you so you better get back to Provo fast!!