Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chris' Farewell!

First we went to Detroit Lake, one of my favorite places. The pictures are kind of out of order, I'm trying to figure out how to get them back in order, but it isn't working. I have quite a few pictures of Chris slolem skiing. This was the first time that Chris was able to do it and I wasn't. But, he's a lot more active than I am. Ironic enough my dad's wallet was stolen at the lake and the flight we had for James to come to Salem had to be canceled and the one we could book was an extra four hundred dollars. Lucky enough my dad is the bishop so that he only had to get a stake presidency interview. Well the next day Chris went to the temple for the first time and my aunt Kristi and my Grammy and Grandad were there for the session. Two days later we started driving to Utah and stayed in Highland with my Aunt Karen, my uncle Covey happened to be there too and he went to Chile on his mission as well so that was fun. For Chris' last meal we went to Tucano's and my Grandma Bateman, uncle Jeff and my aunt Arianne and two of her girls came. And now we're back in Missouri.

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Marin said...

Yeah for Missionaries!! How exciting! I always feel so left out because I didn't have any brothers so there was no Farewells!! We miss you guys. What a cute family!