Sunday, February 24, 2008

Arizona Reception

I realize this is a little out of order, but I found these pictures online and I thought that I would share them too. There were a lot of pictures taken of people that I didn't know, so I only copied the ones of people that I recognized and here they are. . . .

Jamaica with Mike and Ashley

We caught a really small fish. And we kept it for a couple of hours in a small plastic bag, but then we felt bad, so we let it go.

We also spent some time snorkeling and found some cool fish, nothing too exciting, but still quite enjoyable. However, with our backs facing the sun we got quite sunburnt that day.

When James, Ashley, and Mike heard that I had never been buried in the sand before they started digging. We dug a big hole for my body, and then covered me and started sculpting, and this is what they came up with. I had a lot of passer-by's comment or laugh.
We went kayaking in Jamaica, we convinced our driver to bargain with the guy who was in charge, and so we got a pretty good deal. And it was really fun, but then when we headed back to where our stuff was, the wind was blowing really hard against us, and we ended up being really tired.

For those of my friends and family who may not know, Ashley is James' younger sister and Mike is her husband. Mike and James both work for APX selling security systems, and after selling so many security systems they have the option of going on a cruise, but they have to sign on to sell next summer. Anyway, this cruise that we went on stopped in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Georgetown, Grand Cayman. The first few pictures are from Jamaica, and the ones of us on the beach are in Grand Cayman.

Our Second Honeymoon

So this picture is kind of out of order, but this was actually taken when we went to Jamaica, we were about to get back on the boat, but we thought that this would be kind of a neat picture.
These were taken on our first few days of the cruise, we were playing with the life vests before the drill.

We spent two days at sea, one at the beginning and one at the end. This was our first day at sea. We were getting some sun, which turned out later to be a bad idea.
We ate dinner at the Coppelia dining hall every night, this picture was taken on our formal night.
We had such a fun time on this cruise. It was fun to have Mike and Ashley there with us too. We enjoyed the food, the sun, and the break from school. It's too bad that this won't be happening a lot.

Our Oregon Coast Honeymoon

Look how sunny it was? This was how most of our weather was like. We were so amazed, it was a little cold, but James didn't wear a jacket and he was fine. It was too bad the weather was so great, because we felt a little under the weather . . . but we sure did enjoy it.
The next day we decided to go exploring and we found some caves, but couldn't figure out how to get to them, so we just drove around the coast and did our own exploring.
We found this cute little bridge when we were making our way over to the star fish. We both got wet, and we had bought movie tickets, but had to go home and change first because the water in the ocean was too freezing for us to let it dry on us.

This picture was fun it only shows one starfish, but we found hundreds!

So I guess technically this was really our only honeymoon because it came right after we got married, but we had two bigger vacations planned in the near future, which we are calling our second and third honeymoons. This was a fun trip, we stayed in the Starfish Manor and it was right on the edge of the coast. Plus, despite it being the middle of Winter, the sun was shining for about 3 of the 4 days that we were out there.

The Bateman-Sweeney Family

Here's one with James' parents at the Portland temple inside the atrium.
Here's one with Erin's parents also just inside the atrium. It was quite funny because as soon as we came out of the temple, into the foyer, everyone started taking pictures, and the old men and women inside the temple got pretty upset at everyone, and were telling us to stop.

Our photographer took a lot of pictures inside the atrium because it was raining outside. This picture was taken with all of James' siblings and their spouses.
There weren't very many pictures of us with my siblings, but this was one that I found.
Here were the bridesmaids. Originally my friend Brittany Humber was supposed to be in there, and my cousin Claire Olds was supposed to be in there, but Claire was in Mexico and Brittany was in Hawaii.
I think this is one of my favorite pictures. I love that Melissa and Maddie are on either side of me.
Okay I lied, we had to include some of the pictures with our family . . . .

Some more wedding pictures . . .