Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our Oregon Coast Honeymoon

Look how sunny it was? This was how most of our weather was like. We were so amazed, it was a little cold, but James didn't wear a jacket and he was fine. It was too bad the weather was so great, because we felt a little under the weather . . . but we sure did enjoy it.
The next day we decided to go exploring and we found some caves, but couldn't figure out how to get to them, so we just drove around the coast and did our own exploring.
We found this cute little bridge when we were making our way over to the star fish. We both got wet, and we had bought movie tickets, but had to go home and change first because the water in the ocean was too freezing for us to let it dry on us.

This picture was fun it only shows one starfish, but we found hundreds!

So I guess technically this was really our only honeymoon because it came right after we got married, but we had two bigger vacations planned in the near future, which we are calling our second and third honeymoons. This was a fun trip, we stayed in the Starfish Manor and it was right on the edge of the coast. Plus, despite it being the middle of Winter, the sun was shining for about 3 of the 4 days that we were out there.

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