Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My December Catch Up

Our little Emma is just adorable, I took this picture before church one Sunday, and I love it. She really is the cutest little girl.

We went up and saw Santa- but knew Emma wouldn't like him, so didn't force her to sit on his lap.

But Christmas was SO fun this year. It was way more exciting to watch Emma enjoying Christmas, and opening her presents than I think any other Christmas has ever been. I'm excited for her birthday in a couple of months!

Then Grandkids Retreat was partially at Disneyland. And many of you know- I love Disney. I know the strategy of when to go and rush to get the fast passes for the rides whose lines always are the longest. Because I had my list of rides that I always wanted to go on. But it was different this time . . . it was a lot more fun to watch Emma's excitement over seeing Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and the other characters- and seeing signs with them all over. And taking her on little kid rides- which I was always so impatient to go on.

Christmas was so fun, we ended up getting Emma a little laptop, a pop-up tent, some clothes, a couple of books, a mickey mouse clubhouse sticker book, and it was so fun!