Friday, November 6, 2009

It's a . . . . . .

Well we're going to make you wait a little. We'll tell you about the appointment. We found out that my doctor doesn't do the second ultrasound until 20 weeks, but I would have to wait until 21 weeks with how my appointments are scheduled. However, since my grandfather has connections in the medical arena here in Provo, he referred me to an office that will do an ultrasound. He works in the Doctor's Plaza by the hospital, well and there is a clinic there, apparently for several other OB/GYN's, but that is the clinic where they do their ultrasounds and lab work. So it is a doctor's office, not mine, but I made an appointment and I could have gone last Friday, but James had class, then on Tuesday the only times available were when James had class. So I made an appointment for the Friday after. And told James not to schedule anything. . . cause I really wanted to be sure about the gender of our baby before we start buying some clothing.

So needless to say it has been quite a countdown, since I've been waiting to go to this appointment. What I think is really neat about it is that they can put the ultrasound on their website. So I have the password to get onto ours so if you'd like to view our ultrasound you can. But, we are really excited to announce that we are having a baby. It is definitely a baby, it has a heart beat, and little hands and feet. Ha ha, thought I'd just drag it out a little bit further. That's what happens when you grow up with my dad and Chris, and now living with James, the tease in me is bound to come out under those conditions.

Actually, it's been really funny, all of my siblings thought it was going to be a girl. Maddie was even sure that it was going to be a girl, and Chris wrote in his email that he really thought it was going to be a girl. But, James and I in the beginning felt like it was a boy. Especially since I've been sick longer that just the first trimester, then we took that hormone test which said it was going to be a boy. We were pretty sure that we were right. Well and even now that we've been told what it is going to be, we're still pretty hesitant because I had a friend who was told it was going to be a girl and they prepared for a girl, but then the delivery surprised them and they had a boy.

But, as we had the ultrasound done, the technician said the baby was sitting breech, and she tried multiple times to get the baby to move around, but the baby just wasn't cooperating. But, as far as she could see, she said she was 90 percent positive that it was a girl . . . so right now we're confused. We have another ultrasound in four weeks, so if the doctor says it's a boy, we'll be completely confused . . and we'll have to just try and buy neutral outfits for the beginning. So for now it's a girl. We're a little hesitant to tell everyone, because the first test was 85 percent accurate it was a boy, and the technician was 90 percent positive that it was a girl. So we probably won't do any clothes shopping until the next ultrasound!