Wednesday, March 21, 2012

February Update

Well February has been pretty fun, we went to a couple of the BYU basketball games- and got AWESOME seats, thanks to Jaren! And since we were in the front row, Emma and Halle got great seats too!

It is so fun to watch and cheer on the cougars especially when these little girls cooperate and cheer right along beside us :)

We drove down to Arizona one weekend because one of James' best friends (Nate) got married! Yay! He's the one in the middle. These 3 have been best friends for years, their history goes way back to elementary school.

And now, we're all married, although it was a long time coming....

Oh and the last picture I just have to share because I thought it was hilarious. Emma got this tent for Christmas, and she brings James into it to read her books at night. I love it, because it's the perfect size for her, but James clearly doesn't fit. Anyway- that's a little bit of our February.