Thursday, December 6, 2012

Presenting Lucy Olivia Sweeney . . . 2 months late

We just adore her, especially her big sister Emma! Birth story and more pictures will come later...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The progression of my second pregnancy

 The un"fingered" pictures are 7 and 9 months hopefully in their respective spots. . . But here was my second pregnancy. Very different from the first. I gained 15 fewer pounds, never threw up, was able to wear "regular" jeans and clothes for that matter a lot longer, labor was VERY different, but here are the pictures. . .

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chris' Wedding

Well I know I have a LOT of catching up to do, and we have some big news to announce, so I'm hoping that I can do this fairly quickly and in order. So for the most part they will just be pictures, but my brother Chris got married in August, so I was a full 8 months pregnant. But my sweet sister in law Jin wanted me to be a bridesmaid anyway . . . but of course like always, most of the pictures I take are of Emma . . . So enjoy! Oh yes and the flowers at the end are the flowers that I did for their open house in Oregon, I was quite proud of them!
 3 beautiful couples
 The newly weds
Emma was the flower girl
 At the reception they had a candy bar :)

 Emma sure enjoyed herself, and was dancing all over, and with everyone, in fact . . . here is a sample

 She also really enjoyed the food!
 The cake kiss and the first dance, they are just perfect for each other, and we are so happy that Jin has joined our family!
 Okay here are the dancing pictures I promised!

 And here are the flowers I did, I think they turned out well.

It was a great event, I am excited to have an in law on my side now, and I think Jin is perfect for Chris, it was lovely ceremony and we are so happy to have them married. Emma especially!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An update and pictures

Well it's been kind of an uneventful, but busy summer so far . . . and it seems like it is going to continue in that direction. I was recently called to be in the young women's presidency in my ward- great timing with girls camp coming up, I missed youth conference because I had recently been called, but now my Wednesday nights are all penciled in, plus several Saturdays and etc. They have been pretty good with me bringing Emma along when I have to leave early or bring her to planning meetings etc. . . In fact the young women really want me to bring Emma along for girls camp :) Which will probably be the case, and I think Emma will love it too, she loves the younger girls especially!

Oh yeah and it's been busy with doctors appointments (well midwife appointments). Which by the way I love my midwife- not that I didn't love my doctor, because I really did, but since we're not living in Provo anymore, that wasn't practical, and I didn't want to find a new doctor, so I went with a midwife, plus my bishop's wife works with them, so she referred me to one of her associates. They've moved me now to appts 3 weeks apart. Things seem to be going really well. No problems, and this pregnancy really seems to be so much easier than Emma's. I know I'm busy with a toddler now, but I was so busy with school and work while pregnant with Emma which seems like it would be harder now... Anyway, I guess I haven't announced on this blog about the gender, which I found out about a month and a half ago. But we're having . . . .

another girl!
These were two pictures from our ultrasound a month ago. I love the 4D picture. I love that you can see her hand in front of her face. This one we might have a little trouble keeping her from sucking her thumb. We are SO excited to have another little girl. I really couldn't believe it though- this pregnancy was SO DIFFERENT! I still felt nauseous, but I didn't throw up at all- which was a daily occurrence with Emma. Also, I am carrying differently, and didn't have to start wearing maternity clothes until much later- which is weird since it is a second pregnancy- overall I have been smaller in gaining weight (even despite the fact that I am not walking all over BYU campus all day everyday- and I only get a 30 minute daily walk in). I was especially sensitive to smells last time, but not really at all this time. I never had heartburn with Emma, but it's been a much more regular thing this time- it was a weird discovery cause I had never had heartburn before. Even despite that I started showing later- I felt the baby kick much earlier. I already took my wedding ring off, because I had to permanently resize it from keeping it on the whole time last pregnancy, but I can still put it on- so hardly any swelling. One thing that has been consistent though, is that my temperature still runs higher, and since it has been a warm summer already- we are probably going to spend a lot of money on air conditioning because I can't stand the heat. Even my baths have lowered quite a bit in temperature. There have been a ton of differences those are the only ones I can think of right now, but if all of my pregnancies could be like this one I would love it!

But I was so convinced that it was a boy because there were so many stark differences, but we're excited to have 2 little girls in a row. Emma is really excited to, she asks about her baby sister daily, and the other day I was bending over to put on Emma's shoes and I got a sharp painful kick, and made a pained face and Emma asked, "baby sister doesn't feel good?" She has a list of things she wants to teach her- certain songs, how to walk, how to play with toys, how to run through the sprinkler, how to play the piano . . . It really is so sweet, she's going to be such a great big sister. She goes to all of my appointments with me and sits next to me while they measure my uterus and listen to "baby sister". We've mentioned some names to Emma, and she has her favorite picked out, and sometimes calls the baby, "baby ____". It's really sweet, but we're not ready to share our favorites just yet. But Emma's choice might just end up being her name, unless she comes out looking so different from this name.

Updates on Emma, I guess since I haven't done them in a while. Emma LOVES nursery, all week she asks to go to nursery, but knows that we only go on Sunday after Church (which is apparently the part where we sit down and listen to talks) and asks all week when Sunday is. She's even figured out that after we listen to talks and sing a song and say a prayer that that means it's time for nursery. It was a harsh reality going to stake conference where there was a song in the middle of 2 hours of talks, and no nursery . . .  Her teachers all rave about how she is always so willing to participate in the lessons and saying the prayers, and helps clean up all of the other kids snacks :) The music leader actually came up to us this last Sunday and said that Emma is the most enthusiastic about singing time, and sings all the words clearly for all the songs, and even does the sign language for "I am a Child of God". She loves it so much, which makes us so happy! Her vocabulary is so extensive I wouldn't even know where to begin, she basically knows every noun I could think of mentioning- all the animals, every kind of food, clothing item, basically anything you could find in Wal-mart with a few exceptions. Sometimes she even surprises James and I with words that she has learned- I wish I could remember a few. I know it's pretty unusual, but it's hard to imagine having another child who isn't as verbal as her. She is also very aware of and observing of social etiquette- like please, thank you, your welcome- she usually never misses these, as well as she will always say bless you after anyone sneezes or coughs, when we were in Oregon my mom had some coasters and Emma loved that you put coasters under cups. She learned from daddy that after you say bye, love you comes with it, until clerks and cashiers were receiving her "bye, love you!"s. So now it's "bye, see you tomorrow" to everyone who leaves or who we leave. She also never misses saying a prayer when we sit down for any meal. She is very aware of the rules of how things work and the order we do things in. Here are a few pictures from this summer, I need to be better about taking my camera along to things, but we've really enjoyed our sprinkler, the parks near our house, and we've been taking advantage of our zoo pass!