Sunday, March 23, 2008

We found some pictures

This was our first family dinner at our apartment. We made yummy enchiladas and lime rice. It was really good! I think Ashley must've been taking the picture because we had Mike and Ashley, Justin and Marin, and Chris over for dinner and fames.
Here's a posed picture!
This was taken when my family came to town and we went to Wal*Mart. James and I were clogging too, but we didn't want to put that movie on here. You can see Chris with his face in between ours!


Well it was a whirlwind of fun, but my family came and went and James' family came and went. We're glad that this summer we'll have Mike, Ashley and Chris around so we aren't alone. It's kind of a sad moment to realize that you are your own family. James and I love each other, but it really is wonderful to have those times that you can visit with a bigger family who also care for you. Well we held a baby shower for Marin about 2 days ago, that was fun. And today is Easter, that is another one of those holidays that you really feel on your own, I miss having my little brothers and sisters doing easter egg hunts through the yard and our house. I guess the next time that will happen will be when James and I have kids, but that might not be for a while. Well we don't really have any new pictures. I guess that should tell us that we should be bringing our cameras with us. Maybe we'll take some today! So long for now!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Tired of school . . . .

Well James and I are close to being done with our second set of midterms. It's amazing how many tests our professors can squeeze into a semester! We're both really excited for the summer break, and so we're holding out until then. In the meantime, my family is coming to visit us this weekend, and James' family is coming in about a week and a half. So far this blog is only visible to my family, but if any one stumbles upon this, I think I'm going to switch my major. I am 20 credit hours away from graduating in German with a literary emphasis, and I can take 6 of those credits during the summer. So I'm excited to be done with school. James still has a little ways to go. That's where we are in school. Nothing too exciting. Oh yeah and James' sister in law is pregnant and she's due the beginning of April. We are staying for the baby blessing and then we head off for St. Louis. We will be selling security systems there this summer, but before we start selling James and I head off for Disneyworld to spend a couple of days there and then go on one of the caribbean Disney cruises! We are SO excited! Well until next time---