Friday, September 18, 2009

It's been awhile

It's been awhile, I know. And this isn't going to be a very exciting blog, I'm just tired of the honor code rebellion. Do you want to hear about it? Well you're going to anyway. It's been really annoying, almost once a day, I see (usually a girl) walking around on campus without shoes. I heard one of them saying that it was a stupid BYU Honor Code rule. Come on, people? Really, can you not see the purpose of that rule? I almost want the BYU police to go up to one of these girls and say, okay you don't have to wear shoes, but you can't wear shoes when it starts snowing. I really don't see anything positive that can come out of not wearing your shoes. BYU is not a beach, there is only one place where there is a swimming pool, but I think of how many times my feet get stepped on while walking to class. I mean really, and then after it rains and there are worms all over campus? It may seem like a silly rule to have to spell out, but stores have it. No Shoes . . . No Service! I can see more reasons to wear shoes on campus rather than to a store, so why not rebel against stores?

Another thing that James and I have been noticing a lot, is that there are SO many girls on campus wearing short skirts or dresses. What is up with this? Are teachers telling these girls their dress is inappropriate? They should be, there is a girl in one of my classes who when she sat down I couldn't believe how short her dress was. This really isn't the beach! When you come to BYU you are among the lucky few . . . but you have to agree to the honor code. It's also become quite obvious in our ward, that married women aren't wearing appropriate clothing either. Either that, or they were never taught how to bend over or reach for something without flashing everyone. It's been hard to watch, because as the world's fashions get shorter and shorter it seems like so are the standards of the members of the Church.

Why is there such disregard for the honor code? Really does it hurt you? No, it's like when you are a child and you rebel against your parents rules, didn't we all realize that our parents really did know best, they were trying to protect us? I guess not, because now we're rebelling against BYU. I think it's really kind of sad.