Saturday, May 22, 2010

Emma's first trip

I guess I am getting worse at figuring this blog out because when I attach pictures they show up wherever, and then when I try and write things this is what happens, it goes wherever it decides it should go. But, I've also realized that blogs are the best way to transfer pictures, so the first couple of pictures are for my mom- they are the ones I took of my siblings in Oregon. Well and then with Maddie and my mom on the plane. The next few are also for my mom, but some of my favorites. Other than becoming a mother myself, this was the ultimate mother's day present, even though it came a week later. I got to take a 4 generation picture with my mom and grammy. I think it's also kind of neat, because I've always been told that I look like my mother and grandmother, so to be in a picture with them and our little Emma is kind of a neat opportunity. They are the best mothers I know and hope I can be half of what they are. Happy Belated Mother's Day Mom and Grammy!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mommy's girl

Emma definitely has her dad in her, but sometimes it just makes me look back at my old pictures when I see her make certain faces. It's quite obvious which one is me based on picture quality and etc. But, it certainly makes me look back and forth between them looking at the similarities

Monday, May 3, 2010

It's so fun to be a mommy!

We love our little Emma! It has been so much fun getting to know her. I feel like there is too much to say about her. When we went in for her two week appointment the doctor was surprised at how intently she was trying to roll over. So we haven't been putting her on the bed by herself at all. But she weighed 7 pounds. Which I'm sure her weight has gone up a lot more because she LOVES to eat. A few other things that she loves; car rides- you never hear a peep from her once she is in the car, baths- probably from all of the baths mommy took during the last few months of pregnancy, music- she loves music! Again probably from all of the country music that we listen to. She is quite social now and loves to communicate in her own little ways. She leaves nothing to your imagination, if she is feeling uncomfortable or less than pleasant she will let you know with her many faces. It's so fun having her in our family and we just adore her!