Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camping, Reunions, and Reading!

This isn't a super exciting post, because I don't have any pictures right now, my camera battery is charging so I can't upload anything right now, but I thought since I have the time I should write about our weekend. It started out not really being that eventful at all, but that changed. On Friday, James and I decided we were going to go camping, so we drove up Hobblecreek Canyon and spent the night, coming back to my roommate Rachael being here setting up her classroom for the next year. It was fun to spend time with her, because all of our friends and family have left for the summer. Then it quickly came to my attention that the Bateman's were having a family reunion, with all of my grandpa's cousins. So we drove up to Draper for that, and there weren't a ton of people there that I knew, but it was still fun to see my Grandma and Grandpa and some of my cousins. And as far as reading goes . . . . I have been reading the seventh Harry Potter book to James, and today we finished it. It didn't take very long, I think it took just a little over a week. But, reading aloud for that many pages at once starts to take a toll on your throat. But, we're done! I think James liked it, I was glad to have him now know the ending to the series. He liked it, but he had no plans to read it himself, so I had to lend a hand so James could share in my Harry Potter knowledge and excitement.

Anyway, that's all . . . nothing too big, but still fun stuff!