Friday, April 13, 2012

Some new news

Well I can't believe that Emma is 2 years old. We went to her doctors appointment and her stats were pretty surprising- we have a little petite girl, she was in the 5th percentile for weight and 50th for height. She only weighed 22 pounds- so I'm determined to help plump her up. But celebrating her 2nd birthday was so much more fun than her first. She loved opening her presents!

Easter was also a lot of fun, after she opened her shopping cart, she wanted to take that in the backyard to collect the eggs.

And there she goes after the eggs . . . there is something precious about the excitement in this picture.

Emma was very particular about which eggs she would pick up, the ones that had dollar bills in them- she definitely didn't want. And she started out only picking up certain colors of eggs. That slowly changed when she realized that there were treats in all of the eggs.

But Emma's favorite treats were the colored fishy crackers! As you can tell she stuffed her face :)

It just feels weird to think that I have a little two year old. But, I guess even weirder than that is to think that in September I'll have 2 children.... That's right, we're pregnant! I'm 16 weeks along, we wanted to wait to announce it since we'd had a couple of miscarriages and didn't want to announce that we were and then have to retract what we'd said. But, we're so excited that we have another little baby joining our family in September. My due date is September 28th- Emma was almost 2 weeks early, but I'm trying not to plan on this baby being early in case that doesn't happen. But so far it has been a great pregnancy. I haven't thrown up once, and morning sickness was not even close to as intense as it was with Emma. And I'm at the point where I'm almost completely over it. Yay! We are so excited. We've already felt the baby moving around and it's starting to seem more real as my stomach is poking out a little. Emma is pretty excited too and knows where mommy's baby is. In a few weeks we'll be finding out the gender, so does anyone have any guesses?