Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Bateman-Sweeney Family

Here's one with James' parents at the Portland temple inside the atrium.
Here's one with Erin's parents also just inside the atrium. It was quite funny because as soon as we came out of the temple, into the foyer, everyone started taking pictures, and the old men and women inside the temple got pretty upset at everyone, and were telling us to stop.

Our photographer took a lot of pictures inside the atrium because it was raining outside. This picture was taken with all of James' siblings and their spouses.
There weren't very many pictures of us with my siblings, but this was one that I found.
Here were the bridesmaids. Originally my friend Brittany Humber was supposed to be in there, and my cousin Claire Olds was supposed to be in there, but Claire was in Mexico and Brittany was in Hawaii.
I think this is one of my favorite pictures. I love that Melissa and Maddie are on either side of me.
Okay I lied, we had to include some of the pictures with our family . . . .

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