Sunday, July 12, 2009

Guess where the Grandkids Retreat was held this year?

This is in the courtyard of the house. There is a little well and it's kind of fun.

James and I got to stay in the guest house for a couple of days prior to GKR starting. It was quite the charming place, it wasn't connected to the rest of the house, but we LOVED it!
Ha ha, this was the little water pump. And here is cute James in front of the guest house. Doesn't it look like Italy, though? It was a fun escape from the busy life of Southern California. That may be why my grandparents bought it, it's far enough out of the way, that you don't realize you are actually in a busy city.

No we didn't go to Italy, although most of the house was imported from Italy and Spain. But, this is the house my grandparents bought in Shady Canyon in Irvine, CA. We stayed there for Grandkids retreat. And the last picture is from Disneyland, this was the group that James and I took around Disneyland and California Adventures.


Marin said...

What a NEAT house! It is beautiful! Looks like you guys had a great time. We miss you guys.

Katie said...

I love all these pictures! My dream is to stay in that guest house someday :)