Friday, October 10, 2008


Let's see if I got the law right? It is OK to accuse Sarah Palin of untoward behavior because it is satire, but not OK to use the same satire against Democrats?
Is this the convoluted logic of law or simple advocacy by people pushing an agenda?
"a brutal but hilarious Democrat-bashing skit aired about the $700 billion federal bailout and the insanity of those subprime mortgages, and it featured lookalikes for George W. Bush, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, hedge fund billionaire and big Democratic donor George Soros, and a parade of sob-story “victims” who turn out to be deadbeats, greedy house-flippers, and schemers. (The unedited YouTube version was taken down by NBC lawyers.) The sketch was embraced by Republicans for appearing to blame Democrats for the Wall Street meltdown. At one point in the sketch, President Bush (played by SNL regular Jason Sudeikis) even said, "Wasn't it my administration that warned about the problem six years ago and it was Democrats who refused to listen?" (Immediately Barney Frank starts to complain... only to be hushed by Pelosi.) The skit was very obvious payback for all the Sarah Palin bashing this season on SNL which was trying to portray equal opportunity satire."

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