Friday, May 8, 2009


I just have to brag! My siblings are AMAZING! This was Curt's first year playing tennis- I tried to get him to do track his freshman year and he wasn't too happy with that. Well Curt passed up all of the varsity tennis players and is now the top ranked singles player at my high school. Melissa after much encouraging followed in my footsteps and did track. YAY!!!! Although she's going to pass me up as a sophmore, she is doing the hurdles, the triple jump, and the POLE VAULT! Districts was today, and Melissa placed second as a FRESHMAN in the triple jump and hurdles and placed third in the pole vault. She's going to be a prodigy! Maddie is doing club volleyball and is doing really well right now, she's playing in a 5th and 6th grade team and doing super well. And Carter is also playing a club sport, but he's doing basketball. On average Carter scores more than fifty percent of his teams points. You know the awards ceremonies where they hand out trophies, well Carter received two awards . . . the regular one everyone gets and Most Valuable Player. I'm excited to go to Oregon and watch all of them succeed in their respective sports.


Marin said...

That is awesome!! I loved watching my sisters play soccer, waterpolo, and swimming. I wanted to do track but it was always at the same time as swimming so I was torn! That is awesome that your sister does the Pole Vault (talk about sooo HARD!). I'm excited that you guys get to go see your family and see them do all their sports events!! FUN fun!!!

Katie said...

Way to go Bateman family! I'm so excited to see all of you soon! And Erin, I know I'm not doing a very good job of calling you but I'm sincere when I say I'd like to chat. I will work harder at finding a good time to call (and when I'm not dead tired at night!)