Friday, June 5, 2009

Part II of California

The real reason we're in California is because my aunt and uncle are on a cruise right now with my grandparents. They have three adorable blonde boys. Matthew, Jay, and Ethan. We wanted to share some pictures, I hope Kami doesn't mind that I have a picture of Ethan in the tub on here. Ethan has been sick for a little while, and then Jay and James started to get sick. I had to include this picture, because most of them are with James, since he's been a hit with the kids.
One day, Ethan woke up at 4 in the morning and wouldn't go back to sleep, so after about an hour and a half or rocking him, I took him downstairs and we started watching a movie. He was on the floor playing with my pajama pants and then a few minutes later when I looked down he was asleep.

Another favorite. Here are all three boys, all up playing the wii before school.

This is typical, but I don't have a lot of pictures, because the boys are keeping us super busy.

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