Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I guess it's time for an update

Well Emma is getting bigger by the day, she weighs somewhere between 14 and 15 pounds, I think we'll figure out just how much at her 4 month appointment which will probably be next week. But our little girl is still our little girl. We love her so much. We love how she loves to talk to us, well mostly mommy, but the other day as we were figuring out loans and our finances for graduate school, Emma kept joining in and wanting us to listen to her. She really is quite the little talker.

We went boating and while mom and dad were tubing and being pulled behind the boat Emma was just content to be in her lifejacket. In fact we're pretty sure she liked how secure she felt in it.

She for sure loved the water, and it was such a nice day to go up to Detroit Lake.

I love this picture because we were just sitting in the car dropping my sister off for girls camp and she was just looking at her toys, and just so happy. So I needed to post this picture, it's one of my favorites.
She's quite a happy baby, she doesn't really cry unless she wants her mom or she's really hungry.
My dad used to play the piano with me on his arms, and he was teaching me how to do it, but I thought it was such a cute picture that I snapped this first before I tried it. Anyway, Emma is quite the little socialite. She loves to talk and smile at strangers. In fact the other day I was in a store, and there was a mother and her teenage daughter who were following us around, eventually when I stopped, they told me that they were just following us because Emma kept smiling at them. This was funny to me, because she really hasn't liked going to other people. She loves to bounce and thus loves her Johnny Jump Up and bouncing. But it seems like her favorite think is to just talk. I'll have to upload a video of that later.


Ashley Smith said...

this little girl is just the sweetest little thing ever!! I love her happy faces and outfits! She is so so happy and cute! I cant wait to see her soon!! i think she is such a good mix of you guys! love you all!!

Shelby said...

oh Erin so is so cute!! I'm glad you guys are having so much fun with her! Makes me want one!! :)

Eric and Lindsay said...

She is so adorable. Do you guys think she looks more like you or James? I can't tell! I can't wait to see our baby. We have similar coloring to you and James so it will be interesting to see if she turns out blonde or brunette, blue eyes or brown?!! CRAZY!