Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Someone in our house is 5 months old

Well we don't have an accurate scale, but Emma doesn't seem to have changed very much in weight. But she changed so much from birth to 4 months that her weight was bound to slow down. She is getting to a friendly stage right now and smiles all the time. She loves to laugh- and we love to laugh with her. She is all about toys right now, and loves to play with pretty much anything, but her favorite is this little crab rattle. I am ALL for babies playing with things that aren't toys too, but who would have thought the car seat would be one of those toys. I wish I had a picture, but by the time I got it out, she stopped. You know those boxes they put on the carseats that describe the warnings and rules about carseats? Well Emma loves looking at them!
She also is a proficient roller! She does not like lying on her back and if you lay her down like that she will procede instantly to roll onto her stomach!

She is the cutest little girl!

Well onto other areas in our life, James has an internship right now with Beneficial Financial Group, which he loves. Oh yeah and after 2 years in Chile, Osorno - - - CHRIS IS HOME FROM HIS MISSION!

I love this picture! My poor grandpa is shorter than all the boys except for Carter, who is 11. In our family we get our growth spurts later than most, and when James and I got married Curt was my height, but here 2 years 8 months later, Curt is practically as tall as James. This was also really fun for us, because Chris and Curt seem so alike. It's crazy my family is growing up. At least I'm still taller than Carter!


Eric and Lindsay said...

Holy Crud all those boys are getting so big! And yay that Chris is finally home! Your little Emma is just adorable!

Marin said...

I can't believe she is FIVE months old!!! Oh I wish we could come over and PLAY all day long!!! She is just so sweet. It is so true that babies always like the things that aren't toys! Little Emma is a smart little girl already reading the "warning" labels!

p.s. Loved the clip of her sleeping!!! Keep posting. Carden and I love to watch "baby emma!"