Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another video and some cute pictures

Well for the past month and a half- I've been playing the piano quite frequently. I played a piano/organ duet in my ward's Christmas program. It really is a great number, but James hasn't really had a lot more time at home to take care of Emma while I played. So my solution was to pull up a chair and let her sit right along next to me. Well she never liked when I played, she wanted to play by herself. I have so many little clips of her doing this, but I wanted to share one from last week that I thought was especially humorous! I am proud to say that Emma takes after her mom in her love of music. We'll have to harness those skills into some lessons in a few years :)

And we wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!


Marin said...

She is SO TALENTED already!!! She must take after her MOMMY!!! haa haa!! Ohhh Rhead is right here at my side enjoying listening to Emma's piano piece! That is awesome that you did a piano/organ duet. My sisters would always do that together. I should have kept up with piano, but I just wanted to dance! We miss you guys so much. I want to see EMMA!! She is just so cute! We also got your package and can't wait to open it! Thanks guys! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Kayli Sue said...

I had to do this with Will. He wouldn't let me play if he was awake. Kids are great that way!