Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma!

Well we made it to her first year! Honestly I can't believe it, she's getting to be a little lady now and I can't believe that she's been in our family a whole year. Time really flies. For your pleasure now is a montage of Emma's first year. By the way I've been trying to put together a baby book of Emma, I'm sure this is a new struggle people are dealing with, but now that we have digital cameras and we aren't limited in the number of pictures we take, how do people decide which pictures to put in scrapbooks? I already have thousands of Emma, but surely I can't afford to have a book that large printed up! I know, that sounds like a spoiled complaint, but seriously how do people do it? I feel like every picture of Emma is adorable so how do I scale down?

We had a birthday party for Emma and I think it was a little too overwhelming for her (too many people), but we were glad to have so many people come and celebrate with us. Emma we just adore you. You are an amazing addition to our family, and we love you so much! Happy Birthday!

Some momentous key points
-Loves to wave- mostly at little kids
-Also really loves to do somersaults on our bed
-Says bye-bye, no, dada, mama, and baby
-Waves every time we go down to the garage
-Loves knocking over her blocks
-Really loves dancing to music
-Her favorite music is Raffi

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b8man8 said...

That right hand of hers says it all (in the highchair birthday cake picture) . . . not gonna dig in! The very last picture shows how much she is changing! She's even changed since we last saw her . . . Emma WE LOVE YOU!