Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yay another video!

Okay I know I have a lot I need to post about, but that just seems to daunting. Two weeks of Germany, Jordan, and Israel to blog about. It's not a relaxing vacation- you kind of just keep going and going. And I want to do the vacation justice by telling about everything. So for now, I'm just including a video from after the trip!

Oh and a couple of pictures . . . Emma loves her baby dolls! She is such a good little mother to them. By the way, she's stopped crawling altogether- and just walks everywhere. And loves carrying her keyboard, her blocks, her babies, and basically anything heavy or bulky while she walks. Silly Emma!

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Marin said...

haa haaa oh that is so funny! That is so how I am when i play the piano, I start out good and then just want to bang on the keys!!! haa haa!! She is so amazing! I can't believe she can follow the light and play already!!! What a FUN toy!! We miss you guys so much and are counting down days to see you guys!!