Sunday, June 23, 2013

All the Sweeney cousins reunited!

Well this will be picture overload for some of you! But, I was taking picture after picture after picture . . . and well there weren't a lot that I didn't like ",
 Lucy; enjoying looking at herself in the reflection of the dishwasher, to then discover mom standing behind her trying to catch the picture.
 Emma has discovered the joys of using Lucy for a ride, Lucy loves it even more with Emma nearby, but they definitely go a lot slower....
 Oh yeah in case I haven't mentioned before, paper is probably Lucy's biggest food group!
 Lucy being the chauffeur again!
 Brooke and Rhead (twins)
 Brooke and Emma
 Okay you have to zoom up on this picture and look at the face of the little girl behind Emma, I thought it was hilarious!
 Carden and Rhead
 Lucy tentatively playing with the fountains with dad
 I was constantly shooting pictures of all the cousins (except Lucy and Noah) and these were the best 3
 take number 2
 take number 3

 McKay playing with Lucy
Another one of Eva, she was the perfect model!
 Enjoying some downtime watching a movie ",
They had so much fun together!


Marin said...

Ohhhh such sweet pictures!! Thanks so much for capturing it so well!! The kids sure did have FUN!! They all woke up the next day and wanted to see EMMA and HALLE!!! :)

Kristen said...

So adorable. I'm SO GLAD the cousins were able to all play together. Such wonderful memories!