Monday, September 16, 2013

Catch up part 2 (Alaska trip)

 We went on a cruise to Alaska, with my mom's extended family- everyone was there except one of my uncles and his wife. That is really hard to do.... get everyone together.
 We got to dress up for formal night....
 Lucy had so much fun with all of my cousins.
 We saw lots of whales.... It was really incredible. They were pretty close too!
 And they traveled in groups, it was really an incredible sight to see.
 Yeah, this is a head, that is pretty rare to catch a head, but we were really lucky!

 It looks like these sea lions are kissing, but in reality, he was trying to get on the buoy, but none of the other guys would let him on, so I think he was pushing him back off. Also notice the guy in the top of the buoy- not sure how he got up there or how he'll get down, but he was definitely alive up there.

 Emma enjoyed spending time with her aunts and uncles and Mami and Bumpa!

 This is Mendenhall glacier behind us
 The entire Christensen family that came, I think they said we totaled 67 people in our group. We were definitely the biggest group on the ship.
 This was on the way to the Yukon. It was just so beautiful!
 We stopped and got to feed some goats
 And some little ponies

 even Lucy joined in on the fun!
 We drove into Dawes glacier, it was ridiculously amazing, we drove right by ice blocks with sealions just hanging out.

 We got to witness the glacier breaking off into the ocean and shooters which break off from the bottom of the glacier and shoot up above the ocean. It was fabulous, and I'm pretty sure this was the highlight of the trip- that and seeing all of the whales.

 Mealtime was a big part of the cruise of course, Emma had the same thing every night- Spaghetti, fruit and bread- and they were happy to oblige.
 But keeping them entertained for the whole time while we waited for the food to come was quite a task- we were lucky to have a lot of help!

The trip was a big success! Emma keeps asking to go back on the big ship! She loved it, and had so much fun with all of my cousins- it was basically a big Christensen party :) Which is the best kind of party!


b8man8 said...

So cute have a lot of pictures I haven't seen before! So nice to have the memories!

Ashley Smith said...

Oh my goodness that all sounds SO amazing!! I hope to get to go to Alaska some day!! Beautiful! Also, Erin, you look so gorgeous in ALL of these pictures! My brother is a lucky man ;) And i cant comment without mentioning, of course, that Emma and Lucy are just the most adorable girls! I love every single picture of them!! So much fun!