Wednesday, January 1, 2014


 Going down the slide at Baumann farms- this was taken as soon as she came down, and I love that she is just happy.

While Emma sleeps, Lucy plays!

So October was a busy month, we flew to Oregon to help take care of Carter and Maddie, while my parents flew to Slovakia to pick Curt up from his mission. Unbelievably this sign of Lucy holding the sign is the only proof of that. I was trying to soak in all of my time with Curt before we flew home because we only got to see him for a day and a half. The first few pictures were from Baumann farms and Riverfront park where I took the kids while we waited for Curt to come home.

 Halloween was really fun with our girls. It was only two houses that Emma went trick or treating to before Lucy realized that at every house Emma was getting candy. So Lucy started joining her. It was really cute. And Lucy ended up with lots of candy because everyone thought it was adorable that she was walking up to their house and would hold out her bag for them to fill with candy.

 We had the cutest little bumble bee and BYU cheerleader around. I'm sure my girls can't wait for next year.

Emma here is modeling the lipstick I let her wear for her costume. She adored wearing it . . . and I am dreading the years to come until I actually let her wear it (other than for costumes)


Kristen said...

So adorable! Glad you are working on your Blog. I know its a BIG job but I sure love seeing everything.

Ashley Smith said...

Emma and Lucy are just the cutest girls!! I love their smiles! they seem like they are ALWAYS smiling!! Glad we can call them part of our family!! :)