Wednesday, February 19, 2014


December was a busy month . . . We of course got a lot of snow, which I think is the best Christmas decoration of all! And the cheapest, at least for us! The girls loved playing in it. It was so cute, after we played in it once, Lucy would run over to the shoes, and hold some up and point out the window :) She thought it was so fun!
 The girls loved playing in the snow with dad too. We weren't really able to build a snowman, but we attempted to throw snowballs (the snow wasn't holding at all), and made snow angels, and ate the snow. Oh and of course, made snow cones, the italian soda flavorings, made great snow cones! And all we had to do was open our back door and scoop up the top snow and pour the syrup in. It was delicious!

 Okay, too inappropriate? Maybe for public viewing .... Too adorable? DEFINITELY!

I took some Christmas pictures of Emma, she is such a doll! So sweet and such a great sister. She is the smartest girl, she is starting to do math, and knows addition of the single digit numbers, she is also starting to read some basic short words. Love this girl!

 For Christmas, we went to Arizona to visit the Sweeney's. All 9 grandkids were there, in the same house.... It was crazy. Opening Christmas presents was really crazy too, all of the grandkids were opening their presents at the same time from the three different families, it was kind of sad though, 'cause we felt like we missed watching our kids open things and get excited. It was fun being with all of the cousins though!

 We went to a butterfly museum, and got to watch a 3D movie.....
 and went to a beach pool . . . .

 and went and saw the lights at the temple. Here is a picture of everyone! It was a busy and fun December/Christmas, nice to be home, but our girls missed being a part of a big crowd of kids :)

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karl said...

your daughter is like a little eskimo in the snow i gues she is outgrew it now.