Tuesday, October 27, 2009

15 Weeks

Well I suggested that we document the belly progression, James got a little carried away and took more pictures than I wanted, but he wanted close ups, and me not to look at the camera. So needless to say I probably am not going to any of them, maybe later to show the growth. Anyway, I'm still not feeling completely nauseous free, but it has backed off A LOT! In fact, we went to Beto's a few days ago, I'm amazed I lasted through it! For those family members who don't know, Beto's is a pretty authentic (greasy) mexican fast food place. We really like it, but with all of the things I haven't been able to eat, I really am surprised I kept it down.

But, yes, food is getting easier for me to eat. There are still things that sound really gross to me, but for the most part that isn't the majority.

Well we aren't sure of the gender, but we took a hormone detecting test to see whether or not it is a girl or a boy and the results came out saying that it's . . . . . a boy! James is super excited about it. We actually find out in a couple of weeks what the actual gender of the baby is. Just a few short weeks, but we're already getting ready.

We've slowly been collecting bigger items, we went to this store Kid to Kid, and found a great used baby swing, really it looks and feels brand new, and we bought it for 10 dollars, as well as a really good baby carrier for 15. And we just bought a stroller, we figured we'd buy a new one since we want it to last for a while. One of our friends let us know about a company that was giving out free nursing covers as incentives to buy other things, but I just took the free cover, which looks like it will be useful. But, we had a coupon for diapers at Costco for an AMAZING deal, so we went and bought a huge box of those as well as wipes. We may be going a little bit overboard for now, but we're saving money! And finding great deals. That is the part of shopping that I love. For now we're waiting on furniture, we're not going to buy any if we're going to be moving soon after the baby is born, so that's one less thing we have to worry about packing and moving to wherever we head. So that's one big expense we're not worrying about for now. But, it's been kind of fun getting ready for baby! We've bought little things too like blankets, pacifiers, some cute little shoes, some burp cloths, oh and how could I forget, we found a graco jumper at DI and it's in great condition. That was something my siblings all loved, I think we got it with Melissa or so, but Maddie loved jumping in it. There were several times that she would fall asleep in it, but her legs were still bouncing. It was so cute!

We're really excited can't you tell? At least once a day James starts singing, "Erin, you're having a baby . . " it's kind of fun to have him so excited for it as well.

But, really we are so excited, we'll find out in a couple of weeks for sure if it's a boy or a girl, even though we already think we're having a boy. But we'll try and post those ultrasound pictures.

Oh and this is completely off topic, but the most amazing store came to Utah, WinCo!!!!! YAY!!!! It was so funny, they opened one in Salt Lake and one in Midvale, and we went to Midvale, and there was a line to get in, because there weren't enough grocery carts. It was really fun to go, and I think James really likes going because he was excited to drive a half an hour to go to a grocery store. Anyway, it was so exciting to find out that they were coming to Utah, you would have thought that since the people here are so big on getting good deals on their groceries that they would have come sooner. It was fun, but I had to ask when we got to the check out counter if they were going to change the name (you know to add a 'U') but they're not, at least to the cashiers knowledge. Just thought I'd share that bit of exciting news!


Marin said...

ha haa I just got back from WinCo! It is a great store and I wish it was closer to our house. They should have opened a Winco in Provo! But anyways I loved the post! I'm glad things are starting to stay down. That is cute that James sings about you being pregnant. So FUN! Justin needs to sing about the twins! Glad to hear your finding some great deals! I haven't even started on stocking up for the babies. But ERIN I have hand-me-down clothes that I can totally bring for you guys if your having a boy!!! I have all of Carden's clothes which I won't really be able to use on the twin boy since he is a different season. Please let me know if you want me to bring them down for Christmas!! They are all boxed up and in pretty good condition!! We can just keep the clothes being rotated so no one has to worry about the cost of clothes!! Luckily Jill has been giving me so many hand-me-downs for Carden and it is such a blessing!!!

Eric and Lindsay said...

Wow! Winco is here??? I LOVE that store. I'm going! Grabbing Eric and leaving!!! HOORAY! Erin that totally made my day. YIPEE!!!!!

And holy crud, your post makes me wish I was also pregnant. 8) Well, just with the buying stuff and cute things. Not so much for the sickness...8) Hooray for you and James! Fun stuff.

Ashley Smith said...

I love reading about you being pregnant... you know we wish you were having a girl so she could be BFFs with Halle but like you guys said, Halle can play with the twin girl and your boy can play with the twin boy :) Stocking up on stuff while you can get it cheap is such a good idea!! Oh and i want to see pictures!! I got so excited when you started the post talking about taking a bunch of pictures and i immediately scrolled to the bottom of the post and NO PICTURES! I was sorely disappointed! James will be such a good dad (and you will be such a good mom too of course!)- i loved the singing comment :) Little kids are just drawn to both of you! Love you and miss you!