Friday, October 30, 2009


Well got the swine flu vaccine, when I heard that it would also be passed on to the baby, I knew that was something I should do. But, the doctor has been tracking my weight. There has been really no difference in the clothes I wear, since they weigh me with clothes and shoes on, but I went in for my first appt at 9 weeks, and my weight was pretty normal. Then when I went in at 13 weeks I had lost 4 pounds. Then when I got the vaccine they weighed me again, still no change. I'm so confused, my stomach is so clearly getting bigger, and there doesn't really seem to be any part that is getting smaller, so why am I not gaining weight. My doctor told me that I'm supposed to be gaining a pound a week starting at 13 weeks, in addition to the 4 pounds that I needed to gain back. So already I'm at 7 pounds that I need to gain by Sunday. But, at the same time they encourage me to eat healthy foods. That's fine, I'm great at that, but the healthy foods aren't helping me put on weight. So should I secretly run to Krispy Kreme and buy a dozen donuts for myself? Everything I read tells me that's probably not a good idea, but the doctor clearly expressed concern that my weight went down and hasn't gone back up. And the healthy foods fill me up quicker, so I don't want to be stuffing myself beyond comfortable levels. And I've been trying to eat lots of starches, but no change in weight. I really am so confused how I haven't gained weight, but my body has clearly gained a bump. Oh yeah, by the way I tried to post the pictures James took, and my camera is retarded, I think I'll have to take the camera to campus with me one day to add the pictures. Anyone have any suggestions for how to put on "healthy" weight?


justin said...

two words erin...CAFE RIO!

i think 2-3 steak burritos (smothered) a week should get you up where you need to be.

i gained 20 pounds during my 3 years at BYU, and i think the main culprit was having a cafe rio across the street from work (Wilson Diamonds) and eating it at like 10pm when i got off.

Marin said...

Better keep going to Bettos every week!!! Burritos always sound good to me!! Oh yeah and Justin is so right! I think we ate at Cafe Rio about twice a month easily!! (scary, but it helped keep the weight on!!!) haa haa.

But really Erin you don't need to worry about your weight. If you are eating healthy and getting everything you need then you should be fine. The doctors just have to be aware of that stuff and encourage you to continue to gain weight. You and the baby will be healthy and fine!!!

Oh we are just getting so excited for you guys! I can't wait to hear what your having!

Ashley Smith said...

i agree with Marin- you dont need to worry about your weight too much (especially gaining those 4 lbs back you lost at the beginning). the dr just has to track it. you'll be glad you didnt gain weight fast at the beginning once you get farther along :)

Eric and Lindsay said...

You could try getting protein/power bars. Those are pretty cheap at places like Winco.

Kristen Sweeney said...

Interesting- I was the same way. I did not gain much weight with my pregnancies- especially my first couple. The Dr.s were always concerned. I would eat, but for me, being pregnant is like having a parasite that sucks everything off of me! Just do your best to eat well and try, now that you're feeling a little better, to eat often and eat lots. That steak burrito Justin suggested would probably help. :) And ice cream every night. Love you