Friday, December 4, 2009

Halfway there

Well on Sunday, we hit the 20 week mark. I can't believe it, we've now passed the hump. The pregnancy journey is halfway over. But, I'm now into the exciting part. At about 16 weeks I started feeling the baby kick. Everyone mentioned that it would feel like indigestion or bubbles. That was definitely not the case, maybe I felt the baby earlier that way, but one day I totally felt a kick. There was no doubt, and it's continued to feel that way since, granted the kicking comes more often, but it still definitely feels like kicks. It was neat, because James got to feel the kicks during the 16th week too. The doctor told us that's pretty early for him to feel it, so it was really kind of exciting. My tummy is getting bigger . . . I don't have any pictures, because when I've gotten it out to take some, it's pretty unreliable and will only take video. We'll keep trying though. Also next Friday is when we have our next ultrasound. So hopefully we'll get a definite answer for the gender at that time.

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