Thursday, December 17, 2009

This is a Döner kebab

Those of you who know me pretty well, know I'm not a big food fanatic. Food doesn't really get me excited, but after having spent almost 6 months total in Germany and Austria, I miss their food! I miss home cooked German food, but even more than that I miss the Döner kebab!

For those of you who haven't had one of these, you are missing out! As an exchange student in Germany, I learned to love them, and when I went back during my study abroad to Vienna, this is one of the things that I was most excited for. Well there were other things too, but this is by far my FAVORITE food. Which is funny, because it is made by the Turks, but when the Turks came over to Germany they brought their little hole in the wall stands. The American equivalent would be taco stands. But, sadly not very many places in the United States have Turkish restaurants, and sadly not very many of those Turkish restaurants have Döner kebab. I'm so glad that James loves them too, because we've found a restaurant in Portland that has them, and one in Tempe. However the last time we were in Oregon I wasn't feeling too well, so we're really excited to go to this restaurant called Efes Turkish Cuisine. They say they have them, and the reviews have been great about their Döner kebab, so I AM SO EXCITED!!! Next time we go over to Europe, I'm definitely not going to take advantage of them, I'll have them everyday!


Ashley Smith said...

wow that looks yummy yummy!!!!

Liz Brown said...

It almost looks like a gyro -- but fresher.