Monday, January 18, 2010

27 Weeks

I have been waiting to post a pregnancy profile for a while, but I guess I should . . . So I am almost 27 weeks. But, I'm writing that as the heading anyway. Things haven't really changed, I go in for my glucose screening test this week, and then my next doctors appointments are going to start coming every other week. I feel huge, and can't imagine that I have to wait until April for this baby to come, but 13 weeks doesn't make it sound that long. That's only 13 more weekends! We're really excited, but afraid that we're going to spoil our child. As far as the pregnancy news goes nothing has really changed, the baby still moves a ton! We're still thinking about baby names, I think James and I are set that we don't want to choose a name before we go to the hospital in case we change our minds. At each appointment the doctor tells me that the baby is measuring ahead of schedule. Luckily all of my professors are pretty understanding that I may need to take my finals early, if needed.

Other news, James just took the GMAT and did AMAZING. I'm so proud of him, so now he's finishing his applications and we'll apply in the next few weeks. Other than that, we're both busy with school and work, and getting ready for this baby. Our supply of baby clothes has definitely increased as well as our baby gear. We're getting to the point where we are ready for this addition to our little family. But, she couldn't be coming at a more perfect time, right after the flu season ends. Right at the end of our time at BYU, and a few months before Chris comes home from his mission. We're still trying to see if it's possible for him to be a part of the blessing, since that only means waiting 3 months. . . We'll see what happens!

So that's our update for now!


Kayli Nagel said...

Oh you are the cutest pregnant girl! You look great! Isn't the moving crazy? Have you seen a foot on the outside of your stomach yet? That's cool and kinda freaky all at the same time!

Eric and Lindsay said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you finally put that up. You look so cute with a fat little tummy!!! I can't wait until I can be fat like that, with good reason. Haha. Anyways, yes to your offer on coming to play games with you guys/in exchange for GMAT books and all that jazz. That would be fun. Plus, I haven't seen you since our open house. Pathetic huh. ANyways, you let me know when you guys are free and we would love to do something with you, excluding the gmat books. 8) I need some hang out time with friends!!!!

Karista said...

Oh Erin you're so cute!! I'm so happy for you two!! God has a plan and it's great!

SweeneyFam said...

Mmmmm... that looks yummy. I'm so sad that we drove all over and then that restaurant was closed! I'm glad you found one and I can't wait to try them.