Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some updates

No one tells you or really warns you how hard it will be to gain weight when you're pregnant. Not that I've found it to be that hard to put on weight, but that all of the sudden I seem to not be able to control it. It's very frustrating.

I guess I was always pretty good at managing my weight, I never really fluctuated. I keep telling James how 8 months ago when I wasn't pregnant I would eat the same things and the same amounts, but for some reason now my body is retaining everything. Plus it's really frustrating on top of that to have someone tell you how many more pounds you need to gain. It seems silly, I've been pregnant all of 7 months, and I've only been putting on weight the last four, but they expect me to know how my body will react and how much I need to eat to gain such and such amount of pounds?! Are they crazy? Maybe in later pregnancies I'll know my body better, but for now it seems silly I don't know exactly what that will take. Plus I don't think I was mentally prepared to be watching my weight go up as much as it has. More often than not I approach another number I hoped to never reach. It is definitely something that is new for me, I'm not eating more than I usually do, but for some reason, now I'm gaining the weight that I always seemed to be able to keep off. I hope this is just a pregnancy change (crossing fingers)!

Well sorry about going off on that little tangent, it's just so funny to me how different things are when you are pregnant. So anyways-I felt like I had the right to change the background of this blog-- because this Sweeney family is preparing for a little girl, so it seems only appropriate.

I'm past 30 weeks now. Just over 9 left, and it feels closer and closer everyday. Three quarters of the way through . . . it feels so close. The scale keeps reminding me :)

As far as the doctor updates, I was supposed to start making appointments every two weeks, but the doctor didn't have any concerns so he set up a regular monthly appointment for me. At least that means that there is nothing to worry about! The doctor still says the baby is measuring tall, but he doesn't think that means she'll come early. Which I am so grateful for! Let's just hope he's right. I took the glucose screening and the glucose tolerance test. Thanks to my doctors office who didn't tell me I needed to fast before the first one, so I'm kind of tired of getting my blood drawn. But, I do not have gestational diabetes. I was kind of relieved to hear that because I'm already worried that the baby will come on time or early. I didn't want to add something else to worry about.

Life is already changing so much, we've been making plans for the future and it is so crazy to think that all of these plans will now include a little girl. That packing and traveling considerations will now include one more person. That our future is no longer just about the two of us. It seems crazy, but we're SO EXCITED!

We've been getting more and more ready, since James is planning on going to graduate school out of state we had to buy a carseat (before we were going to be borrowing my aunts). We've set up the baby's room. And I feel like all that is left is the last minute things and WAITING.

We still haven't chosen a name. James and I have a list of names, but I am more hesitant to choose a name. Each of my siblings had a name that my parents kind of had picked out before hand, but when we arrived the names were changed because we didn't look like a Courtney, or what not. So I don't want to commit to a name beforehand and change my mind when she actually comes. But we're still thinking about names, we've got it narrowed down to about 8. And we decided that we want to give our kids a name of their own as well as a family name. So that's about as specific as I can get at this point.

And I think that's all of the updates that we have for now.


Marin said...

wow great update! Good to hear that everything is going well. Just wait when the baby is born to be worrying about her weight. It is soo hard. AND then you have all these emotions going on and you cry for no reason!! ohh wow. I am soo excited for you guys though. It is a fun and scary time!!! We miss you!

SweeneyFam said...

You look great. Don't worry too much about the weight. The Dr.'s will tell you if there is something to really worry about. You are doing great. And I'm sure the weight will come off quickly after that sweet baby comes. We really do sacrifice our bodies... and sometimes our minds :) for our children. But they are worth it.

Eric and Lindsay said...

Guess what? You have ALWAYS looked great! I wish my body resembled yours! So fit and healthy. I bet you'll have no problem losing the weight after. Sure it will take work, but there is nothing you can't handle!! 8)

justin said...

so one name for themselves and one family name...

how about "_________" Justin Sweeney for the first boy? i know that has to be at the top of your list! :)

we're excited for you have a couple big months ahead!

Ashley Smith said...

So exciting! Dont stress about your weight! She is just going to be so adorable and we are SO excited to meet her!!!!!