Thursday, March 4, 2010

Less than 7 weeks to go

But doesn't that feel like an eternity? I mean when you are carrying so much extra weight around? It's gotten harder, when you sit on our couch you sink down and I have to have James give me a little push to help me up. As well as help me put my socks on. I have never been a fan of untying my shoes, so I can slip all of mine on- including sneakers (which I'm basically wearing all of the time right now). So he's lucky there :) I have discovered a lot of things I definitely don't like about pregnancy. The biggest being that everyone stares at your stomach. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, "how rude!" It's just funny, it's like you are an alien and they've never seen anyone pregnant before. And maybe I'm not a touchy-feely enough person, but I don't really enjoy all of the tummy touching. So- sorry friends who read this- no offense, it's just weird having you rub my tummy!

Our last check up was great, the doctor is still shocked that my blood pressure isn't rising. I think he last measured me at 98 over 60. The doctor said our baby is starting to slow down in growth, he said this is normal, but it makes me feel so much better! I pray almost every night that she'll be late. I know this is normal for most first time mothers, and it makes me feel even better knowing that I'll be similar to my mom who was never less than 6 days late with all of her pregnancies. It just makes me worry, I would like a few days free from school to relax before I become a mother. And I would have a hard time having the baby during finals, or at graduation. So we're still praying that the baby will come April 27th!

But I should be blogging about James. He'll never toot his own horn, so I'll do it for him. He hasn't finished applying to graduate programs yet, but already gotten into 2. University of Arizona for a masters in Finance and the University of Rochester for an MBA. And he's already been offered a $20,000 scholarship to Rochester! He has a couple more applications to finish, so we won't know for a while where he's going, but I think he's holding out for Boston College, Duke or Vanderbilt. It's confusing weighing the scholarships with the prestige of the school, but I'm positive he knows what he's doing, while we continue to pray about it, his options seem to get more and more broad. But isn't he so smart?!

He would never let me take a picture of just him, but these are from our engagement pictures, and since he didn't know our photographer he wasn't comfortable saying no. Aren't strangers great! He took a couple of just James and they are some of my favorite ones, but I'll most likely never get anymore of just him. Unless I'm sneaky, but he's so handsome that it's a shame he doesn't like pictures!


Erin and James Sweeney said...

Oh yeah, since James doesn't check our blog ever, no one tell him about the picture. Otherwise he'd kill me for posting it ;) THANKS!

Marin said...

haa haaa Erin that is great!! Ohhh I am just getting so excited for you guys. We will keep you guys in our prayers. Hopefully you will get those few days of relaxation!

And as for eyes staring at you... well just be glad your pregnant in UTAH and not in CA. Trust me I got so many looks carrying twins and CARDEN!!! Even now is worse though with three kids in one stroller!!! But you get used to it though. I just think that now that I get all this attention from people staring at me that I need to start sharing the gospel. I mean people all the time just start talking to me now since I always have my "hands full"!!! But anyways you guys are sooo cute and both SOOO SMART!!!

Eric and Lindsay said...

Um HOORAY for JAMES! Well, and for you with the low blood pressure. But that's amazing that he has been accepted to 2 already. Good for him!!! And yay for you and your belly. Haha, and don't worry, I wouldn't like people touching my tummy either. ;)

Ashley Smith said...

cute picture of james! What a stud! Erin you are going to be such a good mommy! And even though Halle and I want her to come ASAP i will pray that she doesnt come until the 27th for your sake! :) oh and i loved your Strephani Tanner quote- haha it took a minute for it to trigger in my brain :)

SweeneyFam said...

Erin you are looking great. I can't wait to see you... and your tummy. And I'll try not to rub it. :) But I might have to talk to it - or through it and tell that baby that Nana is excited for her to come. But, we will pray that you last through graduation!
Yes, James is so good looking and smart! And you are right he does not toot his own horn ever. I'm so glad you are here to join me in the horn tooting! :) Let the trumpets sound!! He deserves it. He will have some exciting options.

Kayli Nagel said...

Oh I totally hear ya about people looking at your belly! But waddle with pride Erin! Not everyone can say they are bringing a child into a MARRIAGE. Congrats to your husband! That is way awesome!! And definitely exciting!!