Friday, October 15, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

Don't you love that movie? Well this isn't actually about the movie, this is about one of my best friends who got married yesterday. This friend is very near and dear to my heart, she got baptized about 4 years ago, and so yesterday was just amazing for me, to be with her being sealed to her husband in the temple. She was a beautiful bride, and her in-laws seem like such an awesome family. I'm so excited for them!

I was so glad that James was on Fall Break so that I could go into the sealing. It was one of the most special sealings for me- because I kept thinking how different her life would be right now if she didn't get baptized. Her whole life has changed now, it was invigorating to me- I need to be sharing the gospel more often. I am so grateful for Brittany and the friendship that we shared in high school and what a great example she is to me now. Congratulations Britt!

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Marin said...

I LOVE your shoes Erin!!!!! I want them! your sooo beautiful!

We miss you guys. We need to video chat sometime!