Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We've been parents for a whole six months

Wow, I can't believe it. It's gone by so fast, I can't believe we've had Emma in our family for half of a year. Here's a little about Emma:

-Emma loves to laugh, and she does a lot of it
-She sits up by herself
-She likes grabbing faces and hair
-She is really trying to mobile- rolling over, turning herself around, throwing her weight- you can tell she really wants to move
-She still likes to talk- and seems to be starting to copy noises
-She is really aware of noises and where they come from, when I'm driving around with just Emma, I'll turn back and start talking to her and she'll turn her head so she can see me
-She really likes to stand, she doesn't stand by herself, but loves to stand all the time

Emma has had a couple of busy weeks, my cousin Rachel just came home from her mission, my dad, and brothers Curt and Carter came up for conference weekend, we went camping, just lots going on. Here are some pictures . . .
Emma was really good for conference, especially having her dad watch her and letting mom go to a session. But, I was really disappointed in so many of the people who came to conference. I know they have good intentions, but when on the ticket is printed, no cameras- video or picture taking, and no food or drinks, and then they ANNOUNCE IT while everyone is seated, how can you not feel guilty when the prophet comes in and you're snapping pictures away, or you're in the middle of conference and feeling like snacking so you bring out some snacks. I mean you can justify all you want, but how sad is it that you are at general conference and can't even obey the rules they have there for you? Wouldn't you just feel guilty about having a picture of the prophet that you took- when you know that they specifically told you not to take one? That's one of my pet peeve's is people who directly disobey rules. I personally think that that will be one thing we will be judged on is how well and how closely we tried to follow rules, guidelines, and commandments. Anyway, this post was really mostly about Emma, but I had to make that statement because it really is sad that people come to hear the prophets speak to us, but can't even listen to the first few rules that are presented even before conference has even started.


Elisabeth said...

I cannot believe she's 6 months old! what a cutie!
I'm coming to Utah in December for my brother's wedding and I hope I can come see you guys and your sweet little girl :) I miss you!

SweeneyFam said...

She is adorable all bundled up! And I LOVED the video you sent of her laughing. I watched it at the store and just stood in the isle giggling.:) She's so cute and getting so big. We can hardly wait for Thanksgiving.