Friday, January 14, 2011

9 month old Emma

Well I made this onesie before Emma was born, since I knew we were planning on going to Disney World- these pants I found at a second hand store for a dollar. And ta da . . . a cute minnie mouse outfit. I liked this a lot better than buying Emma a souvenir- since this hardly costed anything- and was a lot cuter than anything they had in the stores!
I love this picture, I think my little girl is so adorable!

She's not so little anymore though, she pulls herself up on basically anything she can reach. And she likes to free stand now. She hasn't really tried taking steps though. But, she walks along edges of furniture, and has begun to start to whine until we put her down and grab her hands so she can walk. Quite the little independent girl she is. Oh another bit of news- Emma got her first tooth- actually on New Years eve.

We haven't gone to her 9 month appointment yet, that's actually scheduled for the beginning of this next week. So hopefully I'll be posting her stats soon!

Our little girl, we love her so much. We left her with my mom and sister Maddie to go out to lunch for our 3rd anniversary- and I worried the whole time. Not that I don't think my mom will take good care of her- of course I know she will. But, I don't agree with the whole forcing your child to do something they don't want to do- when it comes to going to other people. I don't think I'll be doing that anytime again soon. She may make it harder to eat when I hold her and make our trips out shorter, but I love having our little girl around.

Anyway, I couldn't fit everything into one post- so our Christmas break is down in the next one!


Katie said...

That Minnie Mouse outfit is so cute...and I LOVE those legs in that picture with the swimsuit. Baby legs are adorable!

Marin said...

She is just SOOO CUTE!!! I can't get enough of her! i hope we see you guys sometime soon!!!

Mike and Alyssa Althoff said...

I love the Minnie outfit! Emma is just so adorable! We had so much fun with you guys friday night. But I still want to get together and do onesies. I am headed to AZ this week but we will have to do something when I get back.

Ashley Smith said...

She is SOOOOO CUTE!!!! I love all of these pictures! And i love the post of your stuff over christmas time... the one with emma and the baby doll is the cutest thing i've ever seen i think! The Harry Potter park looks and sounds amazing!!

Karista & Sterling said...

So cute!! Good job Erin!! :) She's adorable.

Anonymous said...

i love that baby!