Friday, May 31, 2013

A belated Easter post

 Our Easter; Emma did the Easter egg hunt by herself, and loved the Sweeney's tradition of seeing the bunny tracks . . . more on this later....
 It led her to find a lot of eggs, we mostly gave her the bunny marshmellows and she got lots of princess stickers, a jump rope, some little nail polishes, and some pennies!

 So James' family used flour to make little bunny prints on the carpet- so James really wanted to do it, I told him he could- if he cleaned it up. He agreed, and proceeded to put bunny prints all over the house- not just on the carpet, but the furniture, and some toys too. Well he left the bowl of flour out, and then we heard a lot of coughing from the other room. And we came to find this, Emma said she  was looking for the Easter bunny.
And guess who cleaned it all up? That's right, not James :)
 Never were there such ADORABLE sisters. . . (humming along to the song)
 Sorry James, not the best picture of you, but the one where mostly everyone is looking....
 So mom and the girls and dad and the girls- these will be Easter 2013 family pictures :)
 And cute Lucy got to play with the basket! Hope you had a great Easter (a month ago)!


Madelynne Bateman said...

how in the world did you guys get the two cutest girls EVER!?

Madelynne Bateman said...

btw that was melissa

Kristen said...

Absolutely adorable!! We love the Easter Bunny tracks all through the house. And I cleaned up ours too. :)