Saturday, May 18, 2013

Our computer is fixed, so we have pictures!

 Emma taking her nap, while Lucy tries to crawl up and get her. Yeah she's crawling..... yikes!
 Lucy has the longest most beautiful eyelashes- we hear it from EVERYONE :) Lucky girl!
 Our Lucy girl is the happiest baby I know, seriously, she is so photogenic, because she is never not smiling, well very seldom

 And the person who can get Lucy to laugh the most is Emma, Lucy just LOVES Emma, it is heart-warming.

I have a lot to catch up on, I know, but I thought I should break it down and ease into it, so it doesn't seem so overwhelming.


Melissa Bateman said...

Me Mom and Maddie just LOVED these pictures! Can't wait for alaska

Kami said...

Lucy is adorable!! (Of course Emma is also!) You have such a cute little family. :)

Ashley Smith said...

OOOooooo Lucy's smile is seriously to DIE for!! I love ALL these pics! I especially love the ones of the girls together-- SO SWEET! Sisters are the best!

Katie Briggs said...

I LOVE that picture of the two of them smiling/laughing on the bed...that is so precious. You could frame that (along with many others!).

And Leah has those same bird pajamas Emma is wearing. Costco?!

Claire said...

so cute!!!! we need to get together so I can see these girls again! (and you! :)

Marin said...

Too CUTE!! Yes her eyelashes are BEAUTIFUL!! I think it REALLY goes with the name LUCY!!! I have yet to meet a LUCY with short eye lashes!!! How funny is that?! Seriously everyone I know names LUCY has AMAZING eye lashes!!!

Love the pictures. Such pretty girls!! Hope to see you guys soon. I might be heading to Utah in a few weeks!