Thursday, November 18, 2010

Break through!

Now for those of you who don't know James very well I want to inform you that James is not very opinionated when it comes to the less important things. He grew up with a brother just above him and a sister just below him for a long time before his mom had 2 more kids- so James is the typical middle child, he didn't really speak his opinions because he was the typical peacemaker. And he brought that to our marriage- many a time when we've gone shopping and I ask his opinion he doesn't really give it. I like to ask his opinion, because it's his opinion I care about most- especially when it comes to outward things. So I thought it was a miracle when last night we were just talking, and he asked if I was growing my hair out. I shrugged and told him not really I just hadn't cut it in a while. Well he said, "you should cut it, you look really cute with short hair!" My jaw practically dropped- yay for James! I was so excited! One that he took the initiative and had an opinion on my hair. And two that James likes SHORT hair! So right now I'm looking up different hair cut possibilities . . . any suggestions?


John & Rachael said...

Channel your inner halloween diva!! And by that, I mean turn to Posh spice for inspiration. She is quite the icon for short do's. Some longer than others, some edgier than others. Just google her :)

John & Rachael said...

ps-- this is my FAVORITE website when i'm looking for fun ideas:

Marin said...

Oooooo I LOVE short hair!! Right now I am trying to grow it but I probably will still keep it short (or i guess in between like shoulder length for a while) but who knows!!! OKay so I love the A-line hair cut!! It is what I wear but I also like the shoulder length hair with layers!!! Can't wait to see it!