Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 2

Something you love about yourself:

James always gives me flack for this, but I am very opinionated. And I love it. It must have developed sometime during my high school years, and probably developed from being the daughter of my mother, because they raised me to think in terms of what is most important. But, I like knowing about all the local/national/global political issues. I like to know enough about them to have an opinion on them and be able to back up that opinion. I like that I grew up in a completely different cultural situation than my husband, I somewhat think that's why I have more formed opinions than he does.

Sometimes I think James wished he had known my opinions on certain things- before he married me ;)

But I do, I have formed opinions on a lot of things and there is rarely a topic of conversation that is brought up that I lack an opinion on. I like having a mind of my own- whether or not James, my mom, or my in-laws agree with me. My opinions are my own. James has said to me on several occasions that I would make a great lawyer, except for the fact that I would only choose to defend cases that I agreed with- so I probably wouldn't make that much money.

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Marin said...

Go ERIN go!!!! That is a great quality! I think I lack a LOT of my OWN opinion. I am almost always going off what others say.

As for sprouting well yes we will just need to talk!! I would love to talk to your mom about it. I don't know what trays to buy either? We will have to chat tonight!