Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Days of Truth Challenge

Well I was a little too optimistic on how much time I was going to have on my hands right now. It's kind of a busy time for me- James and I are in the middle of teaching the marriage and family course. Emma is requiring a little bit more of my attention- the doctor thinks she has separation anxiety and has said the best way for her to get over it quickly is to make her feel like she can trust us. I guess it was bound to happen with at least one of our kids- 'cause that's how all of the Bateman kids were- some more so than others. But on top of that, my parents came out for the Carl Bloch exhibit! Wow- I don't care if you aren't an art person, it is amazing that BYU has acquired so many of his works, and everyone should see it! And next we're going to Arizona for Thanksgiving, and then Christmas in Oregon. Then this last week I've been sick and didn't really have any desire to get on and type about anything really. So I'm giving up for now, I'll start the days of truth challenge maybe when I have less interesting things going on in my life. But, with the holidays coming up on top of everything else- I just don't really have the time to blog about myself on top of everything about our family! I QUIT!

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